Safety Guidelines for Using an Air Compressor

Air Compressors are machines that takes air from the atmosphere and compresses it on a holding chamber for using kinetic energy. This device is used in many residential and industrial applications. Because this device can deliver powerful short bursts of air, extreme care should be taken when using it. Implement the following safety guidelines when working with an air compressor.

Air compressors can be connected to other components such as blow guns, air tools, and hoses. For this reason, always read the instruction manual carefully. It’s a good idea to do this twice so you don’t miss valuable information. If you purchase a hardwired air compressor, have an electrician install it directly to a circuit breaker. Before you use the air compressor, check out your work area. It should be clean and free of wax and dust. Areas with materials and items haphazardly scattered can invite accidents. Before you operate your air compressor, switch it off and disconnect the power at the circuit breaker. This will make it safe for you to inspect. Look for parts that are missing, broken, or damaged. Don’t attempt to operate your air compressor when it’s defective. Misuse can result in a serious injury or death.


Many vertical compressors are top heavy. Ones that are stationary should be securely bolted to the floor with vibration pads to prevent improper movement. Do not cover the tightening bolts. Doing so can result in stress that can weaken their strength.

The work area an air compressor is in should be well lit. This area should be well ventilated so the air compressor can cool properly after use. Flammable liquids and vapors should be taken out of a work area before using the air compressor. Don’t attempt to use the air compressor when work area is wet. The hoses and wires of the air compressor should be kept away from sharp objects such as knifes and cutting machine. A puncture can cause the air compressor to malfunction and be a danger to people around it.

Air Compression Equipment is to have. However, they can pose a hazard if they are not assembled, disassembled, and operated properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Learning about basic safety guidelines can prevent a serious death or injury.


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